One of a Kind


It is no surprise that we fell in love with all of the beautifully crafted aguayos, handmade Peruvian fabrics we found during our travels. They used to be one of the most highly valued goods each family could posses, passing them on from one generation to the next. Textiles constructed with patience and love, each piece uniquely handmade one thread at a time by the hands of the indigenous Peruvian people. This handcrafted method was passed down from parents to their children, keeping the tradition alive within the local communities.

After years of practice, weavers were able to create a vocabulary using many different motifs incorporated into their one-of-a-kind fabrics. Some of the aguayos contain geometric shapes or figures that represent the eye of the Condor, Puma or Snake; each of these animals are very important symbols in the Incan culture. Other fabrics depict historic events or the personal stories of the weaver, thus reflecting their emotional state and skill level in each individual piece of work. 

It is clear when you look at the intricasy of a piece of fabric,that they can each take over one month to be complete, often using sheep or alpaca wool, sometimes a combination of both. The fabrics that we use in our collection range anywhere from 5-30 years of age.  Some of our "oldies" may have a few imperfections in their condition due to the use and natural aging of the fabric over time. We believe that this gives great character and personality to the piece, and also points to their authentic vintage nature which is a key aspect of the Siblings Army aesthetic.

These skilled Peruvian Artisans made natural dyes using a variety of plants, vegetables and even nuts to create the vibrant colors you'll see in each piece. Samples of the natural dye process include the use of the Cochineal insect to get reds, indigo for blue, and carob's for browns. These days the Peruvian communities have since lost the local tradition of hand knitting, with only a handful of communities still able to make a living from this skill. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find fabrics today that are hand-crafted using the same ancient techniques. In order to source the best vintage textiles, we travel all over the Cusco region in Peru. Some of the locals artisans that we buy from often have to travel across the Peruvian Mountains for three days just to sell the few pieces they still have in their possession! Once we source these beautiful fabrics, they go out for dry cleaning and we then chose one piece at a time to be turned into either a jacket, bag or accessory. As there is only one piece made from each textile, you will own a completely exclusive item that not another soul in the whole world will have, making it a real one-of-a-kind piece. This is from us to you, made 100% with handmade love.