Hand Engraving


In the suburbs of Lima is Leo´s workshop, where they do wonders, truly jewels made out of leather. Parts of this collection has been designed with the old technique of hand engraving. This method of working the leather is used by authentic artisans, and it is passed from father to son. It requires time, a still hand and loads of patience. For the engraving technique it´s necessary the use of a wide variety of tools, sometimes they even need to create their own tools to achieve the texture or figure desired.
The hand engraving process begins by soaking the leather in water, then transferring the design into a piece of leather and with a still hand and the adequate tools you can start carving with caution. After the whole design is being carved, the leather needs to be sun dried for a few days. The use of creativity and imagination is necessary if you want to do a upstanding piece....feeling like trying?